Permanent placements continue to rise, and whilst the pace has softened since the last quarter, growth in salaries remained sharp. For full details of the latest report and more information to find out why salary inflation hits a 41-month peak, for more information click here.

Permanent placements growth softens…
Permanent staff appointments continued to rise at the end of the third quarter, albeit at a softer pace. Nonetheless, growth remained sharp in the context of historical data. In contrast, temp billings expanded at a slightly quicker pace compared to August.

…as candidate availability drops further
Recruitment consultants reported continued difficulties regarding the availability of staff for both permanent and temporary roles. Although easing since August, the rate of deterioration in permanent staff availability remained historically sharp. Temp labour supply also fell sharply, with the latest drop the fastest for ten months.

Starting salary inflation reaches a 41-month peak…
Starting salaries for people placed into permanent jobs increased at the quickest pace since April 2015 during September. Hourly rates of pay for temp staff also rose at a faster pace than in the preceding month.

…as demand for staff remains strong
September data pointed to a further rise in job vacancies for both permanent and temporary roles. The rate of growth in staff demand was sharp overall, albeit the weakest seen for nearly two years

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