A short burst of insight into how to prepare your CV – not all points will resonate with you but certainly, areas to avoid should you be updating your latest resume.

Format, Headers, Block Texts, Tables and Charts

  • Elaborate use of cool images and set ups can cause problems with software systems employed by companies to process your application, scrambling your information into a poorly formatted unreadable document that normally meets the “delete” button rather than increased interest.

Too much text

Steer clear of large dense blocks of text, the reader is likely to just skim over. Retain lots of white space.

Too many bullets

Don’t overload the CV with countless bullet points has the same effect of a dense block of text.

Blatant lies – avoid the bulls**t!

  • Concentrate on your skills you offer and rather than the ones you can’t.


  • Avoid listing your previous bosses (or current) and contact details; why give the reader the chance to find out someone else’s opinion before even seeing you?

Avoid Jargon

  • Exclude references and terms in your CV that are specific to one company – another way to alienate the reader through confusion.